Friday, February 10

Halfway to a world record

Steve Fossett is now somewhere over the Pacific Ocean, after taking off from Kennedy Space Center Wednesday morning in an attempt to set the absolute distance record for any aircraft. But he lost 750 pounds of fuel on takeoff and winds have been weak, so it's a bit iffy as to whether he'll make it.
The official website of the mission giving a map of his present position is here.
And the local Florida paper has a very up-to-date blog by Todd Halvorson, keeping up with the mission here.
The website has received 24 million hits since the flight started, they say. Last year, when Fossett completed the world's first solo circumnavigation of the Earth, in the same plane, the website got 140 million hits the day he landed. They're expecting more this time, on landing day on Saturday. It'll be interesting to see -- they say there has been more press in England this time, and the landing is supposed to be there -- if all goes well.


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