Friday, April 1

Water on Mars!

Here it is, at long last! An actual photo that clearly shows water on Mars!
water on Mars

Tuesday, March 29

More amazing Mars images

The amazing new images from Mars just keep on coming. Here are a couple of the latest:
More dust devils! This link shows a sequence of 4 images taken on Spirit's Sol 438, showing a dust devil sweeping across the plain. This is continuing to be a very active dust devil season.

Spirit sees a strange rock in the Columbia Hills

And this is just a very weird rock. What is it? clearly some odd texture and maybe inclusions of a different mineral. Is the rover going in for a close-up look? No, I'm not going to suggest, as some have, that it's a sessile grog, which is apparently something from Larry Niven's Ringworld. If this were on Earth, I would assume it was an archeological artifact of some kind. Ain't Martian geology grand?
(HERE is a larger image that shows this rock in its context).