Friday, January 27

Space Places

I've just set up a new website, as a sort of experiment, to serve as a fairly thorough and slightly opinionated guide to what's out there in the world of blogs and websites related to space and astronomy. I was thinking there weren't all that many, but as I try to set up the lists I'm realizing it's a pretty crowded field. It's a little daunting, but I'm just going to whittle away at it bit by bit. It's very preliminary so far, but I'll keep adding to it. I aim to include fairly comprehensive listings, ultimately, but with an emphasis on selectivity in the top listings. I may relegate the more comprehensive lists to secondary pages, and just keep the top sites on the main page. We'll see. Comments and suggestions are very welcome, especially at this early stage.
I had hoped to be able to use as the easy-to-remember home for this service, but that was taken, so I ended up using (and I also got,, and, which are all just set to forward to the main website). Remember that name: ).
So this new thing, whatever it is, is not a blog. It's not a provider of any real content, except the listings themselves and the brief descriptions. I think of it as a kind of portal. In a way, I'm creating it for my own convenience, as a way of organizing my links so I can find them from whatever computer I'm on. But maybe it will turn into something that's actually useful for lots of people. We'll see.