Thursday, February 23

Following a moon shadow

An amateur astronomer using a conventional 10-inch reflecting telescope and CCD camera has captured the best images ever of the International Space Station crossing in front of the moon last week.
Eight frames of video from the electronic camera show a very clear silhouette of the ISS during a rare transit of the moon on Feb. 13. While this not the first time images of the ISS crossing the moon have been captured by telescopes on Earth, these are thought to be the best such images ever, according to a posting on .
Ed Morana, the amateur astronomer who took the images after travelling 50 miles to the predicted transit site ouside Newman, California, has further technical details on how he did it on his own web page, which also includes earlier images he took of ISS transits of the moon and the sun.


At 6:50 PM, Anonymous Andrew said...

That is so cool!!.

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